Tom Rudnitsky, Owner & Head Technician
Tom Rudnitsky, Owner & Head Technician

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, we’re a piano restoration company passionate about creating extraordinary playing experiences.

Key Restoration
Key Restoration

Fine tuning, pitch correction, concert tuning, fixing sticky keys, voicing, cleaning, regulation

New damper installation, damper regulation, refinishing, finish repair, finish touchups, bridge repair, bridge recap replacement, action rebuilding, pinblock replacement, action restoration, key restoration, pedal repair, new hammer installation, restringing, plate rebuilding, soundboard repair, touchweight analysis and regulation.

Key Restoration
Key Restoration

From our clients

Philatuner’s Tom Rudnitsky took my piano to his shop in the Bok Building, voiced the hammers, regulated the action, and touched up the case. He replaced the keytops and chased down the squeaks. And he installed a system to keep the heat and humidity inside the instrument constant. Tom turned back the clock on my piano, and he did it with calm assurance, professionalism, and real care. You don’t have to look any further: Tom Rudnitsky’s the piano-whisperer you’ve been waiting for.


I have a pre-war Knabe baby grand that has been in my family since the 1920s. Tom recently refurbished it and is now tuning and helping me maintain it on a regular schedule. He’s great – knowledgeable and thorough.


Tom completed a thorough reconditioning of our 110-year-old Steinway Vertegrand piano in his shop and at our house; its new and wonderful sound and exceptional action make it seem like it just emerged from the Steinway factory in 1909!


What a great job Tom did, completely restoring and rehabilitating my childhood Yamaha spinet piano. My Dad purchased the piano at the factory in Japan in 1964, when he was stationed there in the military. The piano was played hard over many decades, moved many times and, other than occasional tunings, not maintained. Tom breathed new life into my piano! He made it as good as, or even better than new, doing meticulous work in his well-equipped shop in the Bok. I visited his shop several times, and was invited to play the restored piano before accepting it. Not only does it sound beautiful, the cabinet and wood details shine. Thank you, Tom!


Tom did a great job putting my spinet piano back into fine shape. It had been many years since my last tuning and some of the keys were sticking. He knew what to do to solve the sticking problem and skillfully brought the piano back into pitch. He seemed very knowledgeable and explained how he would address the issues. He enjoys what he is doing. I expect to use him again and strongly recommend him


Our piano sounds rich, full and amazing! It suffered from our move from the southern humidity to a more northern climate; it’s now beautifully tuned and fantastic again. Couldn’t be more pleased with the service and experience!


Tom was excellent! He tuned our 60+ year old Steinway grand piano and gave us some suggestions for long term maintenance. His prices are very reasonable. The piano now sounds excellent, and it was a joy to hear him play the piano during the tuning process.

– LIZ V.

Tom Rudnitsky was nothing short of AMAZING. I originally purchased my piano from someone who claimed to have completely restored and renovated it. When i received it, it was barely playable, the keys were so hard to play and it really had no soft action. Tom, who i hired originally just for a tuning, expertly navigated all the issues with the piano and basically “rebuilt” the piano's original construction.  He not only restored the piano, but actually pretty much reconstructed the building of it! Now it plays super smoothly, has great action, and a great tone. He is definitely the guy that you want to fix your piano up!


Tom is thorough and skilled. He takes his work seriously and makes sure you are happy with the finished product, I would recommend him to anyone.


Tom was super On Point, personable and punctual. Communicated clearly and quickly to setup a time, was clear and detailed regarding what our baby grand Baldwin piano needed. Gave us options at various price points based on how perfect we wanted it fixed. We had a major piece of wood framing inside cracked which he showed me that caused 6 keys not to work. He brought our baby back to life and tuned it beautifully!!!!! All for a reasonable price. After he finished he sat and played for awhile which was an awesome bonus as he's a great player as well.


Tom is great - very friendly and professional. Highly recommend!


Tom is a great tuner, friendly, and very professional. I loved that he came in and out within the timeframe he gave and was willing to chat a bit about what he was doing and how to care for the piano while tuning.


Tom fixed up my old spinet piano which hadn't been tuned in over a decade in just 2 visits! His services are flexible to suit your needs and extremely convenient. Piano sounds great now!


Tom was on time, tuned the piano well, and taught me a little about my piano. Would recommend considering him as your piano tuner!


Tom is prompt, efficient, and a nice guy to top it all off. Can't wait until my piano is out of tune again (jk).


I was gifted a piano from the 1960s from friends. It was in need of much care and hadn’t been tuned in years. After an assessment by Philatuner, I scheduled some visits for tuning and repairs. The difference was like night and day. The piano is now in tune (and staying there!), it functions far better, and it’s clean inside and out. Even the broken key and pedal are fixed. I would definitely recommend Philatuner - friendly, easy, thoughtful service!


Tom was excellent! He tuned our 60+ year old Steinway grand piano and gave us some suggestions for long term maintenance. His prices are very reasonable. The piano now sounds excellent, and it was a joy to hear him play the piano during the tuning process.

– LIZ V.

Tom delivered an awesome service! Professional, on time, pleasant and exceptional service.


Working with Tom for years. Very fair, very reliable, very good tuner. I highly recommend!


This company is friendly, skilled, and efficient. I requested an appointment and was scheduled right away during a time that was most convenient for me. The process of tuning and additional services to improve the life of my piano were patiently explained to me so that I was comfortable choosing exactly what I felt was best! I'm happy with the cost and most importantly the quality of the work performed! A follow up contact was made to confirm that I was satisfied. Thank you Tom!


Tom is a very thorough and talented piano technician. He is reliable and experienced, and I can tell he really enjoys the work. I appreciate that he takes my specific context (I run a small studio) into account when discussing what my piano needs.


I'm a private piano teacher and am very happy to have Tom as my regular piano technician!

Tom is very knowledgeable and skilled at what he does. Besides a regular tuning, I've also recently used Tom to file down the hammers on my piano which has given the piano a beautiful, warmer tone once again. After each service, Tom has taken the time to explain his process and keeps me in the loop on what my piano needs (as a piano teacher, I really appreciate this!).

I've recommended Tom to my piano students and would recommend anyone who's looking to have their piano serviced to use Philatuner!


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Bridge Repair
Bridge Repair
Plate Regilding
Plate Regilding

Experienced in working on the world’s finest makes and models of pianos for a broad range of clients, we approach every project we do with the same high-level commitment to craft.