Our Story

Founded out of a love for pianos and the stories they carry, Philatuner is equal parts engineering and art.

As a pianist himself, founder Tom was always driven by the search of “that” sound. The one found briefly in music school, sneaking into the concert hall after midnight, or playing on a newly restored grand in a practice room, where the sound and the feel of the instrument seemed to bloom and to become a presence and contentment in itself. Playing piano is a deeply rooted experience, and when every detail has been attended to in the careful craft of the piano technician, the experience of playing a restored piano connects us with our memory, our tactile skill, all the times before we’ve sat down to play, and through our feet and the pedals and legs of the piano it connects us to the physical world and the people that we share it with.

Having tuned and restored pianos for thousands of clients in the Philadelphia area and beyond, Tom is today sought after as an expert in high-end restoration on all makes and models of grand and upright pianos.

Tom Rudnitsky, Owner & Head Technician

Our Approach

New bass string installation

RESTRINGING New copper-wound tone-matched bass strings are installed over the restored plate, bridge, and soundboard.

Unparalleled Craft

We believe that every detail of every facet of the piano playing experience matters. That’s why each step of our restoration process is carefully honed across months and years in pursuit of richer tone, higher-fidelity finish work, and a more responsive action. It takes more time to precision-mill a keyset or to hand-rub a lacquer varnish, but for us these details mean everything, and when you sit down to play an instrument restored with this level of care, the work pays off in facilitating a deeper connection to the instrument.

Our Commitment

Passionate Work

For us, it's the work itself and the chance to be a small part of the stories of our clients' pianos which gives this work its meaning. Restoring a piano is a hundred-thousand part puzzle, and every piano brings with it a new set of challenges to match its unique history. Yet no matter the number of pianos we've worked on, each one occupies a special place in our lives, and we approach each new project as an opportunity to help our clients leverage their relationship with music, with their piano, and with their own personal history.

New bass string installation

REGULATION The last step in every project, regulation comprises thousands of small adjustments across every component of the piano action.