How often should I get my piano tuned?

Depending on the frequency of playing and on the localized environmental conditions around the piano, most pianos need to be tuned once or twice a year.

What can I expect with a standard tuning visit?

A standard tuning visit will take between 45-90 minutes depending on how long it’s been since the piano was last tuned, and every first visit with a piano also includes a free comprehensive inspection to give a complete picture of the condition of the instrument. If the piano is having any minor issues such as a pedal that’s acting strange, a key that’s sticking,  or a note that always seems to sound off, these can usually be fixed for free during the visit. If additional work is required, a fixed-price quote will always be given in advance.

What should I do to prepare my piano for the tuning?

The lid of the piano will need to be opened in order for it to be tuned, so it’s helpful to remove all objects from on top of the piano before the start of visit. During the tuning, quiet will be necessary in order to achieve a quality tuning. Also, while pets are amazing and we love them all, owners are asked to manage the behavior of their pets during the course of the visit.

My piano hasn’t been tuned in years. Will it require anything extra?

Most likely, yes. Pianos which haven’t been tuned in a long time usually drop significantly flat in pitch, and require an additional pitch correction process before the fine tuning in order to stabilize the pitch of the instrument. If your piano hasn’t been tuned in a long time, be sure to mention this when booking your tuning.

Cancellation Policy

We’re happy to reschedule and adjust appointment times when possible, but appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a 50% fee of the cost of the service.

No-shows, missed appointments, and instances where the piano is unavailable to tune upon arrival will be billed the full cost of the appointment.

Payment Policy

For individuals, payment is due at the end of the appointment. For institutions, payment is due 3 weeks from the Date of Invoice listed on the invoice form.

For projects larger than tuning, a 50% deposit is required to schedule the work.

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