COVID-19 Safety Plan

Masks are not required for vaccinated customers. If you would like our technicians to wear a mask on your scheduled home visit, please let us know in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

general inquiries

01 What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment is accepted via cash or check.

02 What’s your availability?

Appointments are typically scheduled 1-3 weeks in advance, but we’re always happy to try and accommodate requests for earlier availability.

03 Do you offer weekend appointments? What about evenings?

At present, we offer appointments on weekdays starting from 10am-4pm.

04 What’s your service area?

For tunings and on-site visits, our service area is anywhere less than an hour’s drive from Center City, traffic permitting. For repairs and restoration services, we can move pianos to and from any location in the continental United States and Canada. For inquiries about other locations, please contact us directly.

05 Can you invoice us?

Invoicing is available for institutional clients who have already scheduled and paid for at least one visit.

06 Can you give appraisals for insurance purposes?

Absolutely. We're happy to provide official documentation after having a chance to inspect a piano in person.

tuning services

01 How much does a tuning cost?

The cost of a tuning depends on how long it’s been since the piano was last tuned, and how far from concert pitch the instrument currently is. For pianos that have been tuned within about the past year the cost is $250, and for instruments that haven’t been tuned in more than two years or are significantly sharp or flat of A440, the cost is $350.

02 What’s included in a tuning visit?

A tuning visit includes tuning, assessment of the piano’s condition, and free minor repairs (such as adjusting the pedal or fixing a loose part). For issues that can’t be addressed within the span of a single appointment, we always provide free quotes along with any scheduled tuning or repair visit.

03 How long does a tuning take?

Tuning appointments typically take between 60-90 minutes, but are booked in 2 hour time slots to accommodate pianos which may require more attention.

04 What’s the arrival window for appointments?

Tuning, repair, and inspection appointments have a 30 minute arrival window (for example, a 10am appointment will start between 10:00-10:30). If anything changes, we'll always contact you as soon as possible.

05 What’s your availability?

Most appointments are booked 2-3 weeks in advance, though we’re always happy to try and accommodate requests for earlier times.

06 How often should I get my piano tuned?

Pianos should be tuned twice a year to compensate for seasonal fluctuations in humidity. Pianos that aren't tuned regularly risk damage to the stability and longevity of the instrument.

repair services

01 What kind of repairs do you do?

Our most common repairs are fixing sticky keys, repairing non-working pedals, and re-gluing loose or broken parts. Beyond the basics, we also offer full regulation and restoration services.

02 How long do repairs take?

Most repairs take about 30 minutes. If more time is needed, we’ll always consult with you first before proceeding.

03 A few keys on my piano are sticking and won’t come back up. Is this a sign of a serious issue?

Generally not. Sticky keys are caused by fluctuations in humidity which cause wood components to expand and contract. When parts swell, friction increases, and keys may start to respond more slowly. In most cases, sticky keys can be fixed individually without need for broader regulation work.

04 Does my piano need more work besides tuning?

If you haven't noticed any significant issues, then it's likely that no repairs will be urgently needed. However, As pianos are played, parts gradually slip out of alignment and the instrument loses clarity, responsiveness, and power. To compensate for this, all pianos need periodic regulation work in addition to tuning in order to bring parts back into proper alignment and prevent damage to the instrument.

05 What if parts of my piano are beyond repair?

It’s rare for pianos to have issues that render them untunable or unplayable, but we always offer a free comprehensive inspection along with any tuning visit, and are happy to advise on what repairs make sense for your instrument.

06 I don’t know if my piano is worth fixing up. Can you come and take a look?

Of course! With a pitch correction, tuning, and a bit of repair, most pianos can be brought back into a condition that would satisfy beginning players using their piano intermittently. An initial tuning and inspection visit holds no obligation for further work, and should it turn out that the piano is not worth the effort, we’ll only bill the visit minimum.

restoration services

01 How long will the process take?

Depending on the scale of the project, most restoration projects take between one to three months. Since every piano is unique, our process is focused on taking the time to do every job to the highest standards.

02 Can I visit the workshop?

Absolutely! We're always happy to share progress on your piano and welcome visitors to the workshop. Appointments must be made in advance, and are contingent upon our current workload.

03 I’m not in the Philadelphia area. Can I still send in my piano for restoration?

Absolutely! We work with movers who regularly move pianos up and down the east coast as well as across the continental US. From pickup to final delivery, every move is handled with care by movers who work exclusively in piano moving.

04 Is it safe to move my piano?

Piano moving is delicate work, and when using experienced movers it's exceedingly rare for any issues to arise. Still, every move is fully insured to cover the full replacement cost of the piano as well as any additional damages.

05 Can I keep tabs on the restoration process?

Certainly! We're more than happy to provide email updates, photos, video calls, and in-person visits to the workshop at any stage in the process.

06Can I inspect my piano when the restoration is completed and before it’s moved back?
Definitely. As part of our process, every project includes an invitation to the workshop at the end of the restoration process to let you experience the piano on your own terms. We'll step out and give you some time to rediscover your instrument, and then we’ll check back in to make sure every facet of the restoration meets your expectations.


Accepted Payment Methods

For restorations projects, payment is accepted via check or bank transfer. For tunings and in-home appointments, payment is accepted via check or cash. Restoration projects require a 50% deposit to begin work.

Restoration Terms

Timeframes for piano restoration projects are given as estimates only. Due to the complex nature of the work, we cannot guarantee exact timeframes. In the event that a project may take longer than expected, we’ll always reach out to you via phone or email.

Payment is due within 14 days of the completion of a restoration project and before a piano can be moved back. In the event that a customer is not able to receive delivery of a piano within 14 days upon completion of a restoration project, the remaining balance on the project will still be due within this timeframe. Piano storage is billed at $200/mo. beginning on the 15th day after completion of a project, and billing is prorated per day.

Appointment Policy

Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a fee of 50% of the cost of the scheduled service.

In cases where the piano is not tunable on arrival for any reason (piano not available to be tuned, customer not present within 15 minutes of technician arrival, too much noise to complete tuning, etc.), 100% of the cost of the scheduled work will be due.

For first time institutional customers, payment is due at the end of the visit. Billing is available only to customers with at least one prior appointment scheduled and paid for.

The minimum cost of any in-home visit is $195. Additional repair and regulation work beyond the first hour and fifteen minutes of a non-tuning appointment is billed at $120/hr.